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Kara Molinari, architecte d'intérieur.

Kara Molinari, interior designer

«The objects, the artwork, the colors and the shapes wich surround us every day are as many experiences, with deep impact on our senses, emotions, intellect and energy. They play a crucial rôle in our lives and thereby influence our thoughts, feelings, sensations and creativity.

We don’t realize it, but the environment where we live or work makes us what we are. Provided it is designed with purpose, and with our individual goals inmind, our environment can become a formidable tool for growth – as individuals or as firms. »

This is an entirely novel approach to Interior Design, which Kara Molinari calls Holistic Design: creating interior design that fosters personal growth, that helps set and achieve personal goals, through, in particular, an immediate representation of our aspirations.

Stylish of course, but with meaning !

Holistic Design and its implementation will be described in a book soon to be published.

Kara Molinari holds an MBA in communication from the CELSA (Paris Sorbonne), and a Master in Art History. She started her career in the sector of Brand Management, notably at Yves SaintLaurent. Her passion for design led her to start her own company in 2006, building on her conviction that interior design is more than simply a question of space management and aesthetics.